Definition of problematical in English:


Pronunciation /präbləˈmadik(ə)l/ /prɑbləˈmædɪk(ə)l/


  • Involving or constituting a problem.

    ‘the weighting of votes was particularly problematical’
    ‘a highly problematical relationship’
    • ‘The wide political diversity in the resistance proved extremely problematical.’
    • ‘The results are likely to prove problematical.’
    • ‘Other parts of the essay were more problematical.’
    • ‘Basements can be problematical, due to lack of light and circulation of air.’
    • ‘I feel that it remains problematical to try to determine the politics of a source by looking at who cites it.’
    • ‘Since his descendants were in hiding, tracing a line of authority became problematical.’
    • ‘Establishing the date at which jade objects were carved has so far proved problematical.’
    • ‘It is unquestionably problematical to make a distinction between thought and feeling.’
    • ‘He was clearly a problematical character.’
    • ‘On a large scale, distillation is problematical and expensive.’



/präbləˈmadik(ə)l/ /prɑbləˈmædɪk(ə)l/