Definition of problematization in English:


Pronunciation /ˌpräbləmətəˈzāSHən/ /-ˌmatə-/


See problematize

  • ‘Fisk's interrogation of the notion of ‘enemy lines’ points to a far broader problematization of geography in the war and its mediation.’
  • ‘Personally, I would have preferred to wrap ‘protect’ and ‘confidence’ in the punctuation of problematisation.’
  • ‘The field has moved away from these pioneer beginnings, both geographically and theoretically, as is perhaps most clearly indicated by the gradual problematization of the concept of wilderness.’
  • ‘Boccaccio's use of irony, his subversion of literary register, and his problematization of questions of meaning and interpretation can thus be seen to invite ethical reflection.’
  • ‘In these films, reflecting on the past as a young adult entails a problematization of nostalgia through the urgency of present concerns.’



/ˌpräbləmətəˈzāSHən/ /-ˌmatə-/