Definition of proboscis monkey in English:

proboscis monkey


  • A leaf-eating monkey native to the forests of Borneo, the male of which is twice the weight of the female and has a large pendulous nose.

    Nasalis larvatus, family Cercopithecidae

    ‘Among Asian colobines are Borneo's proboscis monkey, the Chinese snub-nosed monkeys and langurs, such as the douc of South-east Asia.’
    • ‘Nine of the 13 primate species of Borneo are found in the park, such as the distinctive proboscis monkey, the agile gibbon, the silvery leaf-eating monkey and the orangutan.’
    • ‘She looked like an obese proboscis monkey, wore cat-eye glasses and had football shaped breasts.’
    • ‘A protagonist with a strong resemblance to a proboscis monkey.’
    • ‘For example, you'll probably hear the crash of vegetation before you are able to locate a proboscis monkey high up in the forest canopy.’


proboscis monkey

/prōˈbäsəz/ /proʊˈbɑsəz/ /prōˈbäskəs ˈməNGkē/ /proʊˈbɑskəs ˈməŋki/