Definition of procaine penicillin in English:

procaine penicillin


  • A slow-acting antibiotic made from a salt of procaine and a form of penicillin.

    ‘Note that procaine penicillin is no longer available’
    • ‘Murimari carried him to the village Aid Post where Yambanggay received two injections: quinine and procaine penicillin.’
    • ‘After the diagnostic thoracentesis, rabbits received procaine penicillin G, 200,000 U intramuscularly daily to prevent early death of the rabbits from overwhelming sepsis.’
    • ‘The alternative regimen is procaine penicillin G (Bicillin C-R), 50,000 units per kg intramuscularly every day for 10 days.’
    • ‘The correct trade name for procaine penicillin G is Wycillen; the correct trade name for aqueous crystalline penicillin G is Pfizerpen.’


procaine penicillin

/ˈprōˌkān ˌpenəˈsilin/ /ˈproʊˌkeɪn ˌpɛnəˈsɪlɪn/