Definition of process engineer in English:

process engineer


See process engineering

‘She came to Suncor in 1996 and worked as a senior process engineer in oilsands extraction, a senior project manager at Steepbank Mine, assistant superintendent of primary extraction, and director of projects for extraction.’
  • ‘He has worked at BNT since 1985 as an analyst, deputy director and director of the Technology Directorate, and a process engineer in News and Current Affairs Programmes.’
  • ‘While earning his chemical - engineering degree from the University of Delaware, Smith worked for a year as a process engineer and hated it.’
  • ‘It is the task of fat the process engineer to develop the carburiziring treatment that will produce the properties desired.’
  • ‘A symptom of the lack of implementation of advanced but appropriate technology by a whole range of people, whether they're designers, product engineers, or process engineers.’