Definition of process engineering in English:

process engineering


  • The branch of engineering that is concerned with industrial processes, especially continuous ones such as the production of petrochemicals.

    ‘The smaller design and engineering company will handle process engineering, prototyping, testing, and production for Volvo's next-generation convertible.’
    • ‘Nelson wants a career in process engineering and is pursuing a diploma in chemical engineering technology.’
    • ‘Investing in improved systems and processes - everything from product and process engineering to changes on the plant floor - also will help improve the quality of an operation and the vehicles it produces.’
    • ‘Suppliers are not only providing equipment, but assisting in process engineering in developing new products for the market.’
    • ‘Through most of the 1990s, most automotive manufacturers have been working on lean manufacturing, quality and safety, and improving product and process engineering.’
    • ‘What's more, better process engineering and product design reduce the need for on-line inspections and quality control activities.’
    • ‘Everything from labor and equipment productivity to product and process engineering is on display.’
    • ‘Effective manufacturing process engineering identifies hurdles to the product delivery cycle, and addresses issues such as supply scarcity and unnecessary cost.’
    • ‘He will also be responsible for continuing to drive the company's results orientation through effective process engineering.’
    • ‘In principle this is a matter of careful process engineering like that employed in the microelectronics industry.’
    • ‘Such COTS applications are characterized by higher levels of complexity, requiring process engineering and change management for implementation as well as cultural change for end users.’
    • ‘In addition, because there is that timing function, there is the ability to use the data to make determinations for process engineering, noting, for example, how long it really takes for deliveries.’
    • ‘Also, GM wasn't able to use its ‘virtual factory’ model for the plant, which would undoubtedly have helped in process engineering and material handling.’
    • ‘These practices include process engineering, design for manufacturing, design for test, standardization, outsourcing, and automation.’
    • ‘Originally it was an outgrowth of process engineering; now it's about offering the best total value through managing the processes.’
    • ‘The integration effort includes the tasks of process engineering and development of the operational and system architectures.’
    • ‘Sometimes we speak of process engineering today, to emphasise that these same principles apply when any material in bulk is being processed.’
    • ‘Since then he has worked in a number of areas including the astronomy, space and radio division and as programme manager for process engineering.’
    • ‘Both continued to hire for manufacturing engineers, while also recruiting for a range of product and process engineering roles.’
    • ‘The research challenges encompass developing new catalyst systems to minimise waste, eco-efficient solvents, alternative feedstocks and new process engineering routes.’


process engineering

/prəˈses ˌenjəˈniriNG/ /prəˈsɛs ˌɛndʒəˈnɪrɪŋ/