Definition of process server in English:

process server


  • A person, especially a sheriff or deputy, who serves writs, warrants, subpoenas, etc.

    ‘As for resisting eviction, League members knew that if only they could stop the process server or bailiff from actually serving the ejectment writ or civil bill on the occupier, then no eviction could take place.’
    • ‘The process server of the Plaintiff initially was unable to serve the summons.’
    • ‘Also on 5 August 2002 the defendant hit the second process server in the face with his elbow on the jaw.’
    • ‘I denied leave to bring the motion at that time due to the lateness and incompleteness of service, after hearing evidence from the process server and the plaintiff.’
    • ‘In the affidavit of service of the process server, sworn on 26 November 2004, he deposed that when he put the letter through the mail slot, someone was in the apartment but would not open the door.’
    • ‘We are not aware that there is any reason why the Applicant has had trouble serving documents which required the services of a process server.’
    • ‘The statutory demand was left at 82 Church Street on 18th June 1999 by a process server.’
    • ‘We are today arranging for our process server to serve you with the papers to commence legal action against you.’
    • ‘Accordingly, if the complainant has simply bothered to hire a New York process server to serve Letterman with a copy of the complaint, it would now be illegal for him to possess a firearm.’
    • ‘The compromises, the battles and the challenges faced individually supposedly build character, but when mutual among two people, they can murder love in its post-coital slumber and lead to a date with a process server.’
    • ‘When they first meet Paulette she turns out to be a process server (they owe a little money), but she's so damn cute they just don't care.’
    • ‘I'm really not interested in having a process server trying to invade her life or chase her down the street or jump out of the bushes or anything else.’
    • ‘What sort of person brings a process server to a family reunion?’
    • ‘He held up my copy again and brandished it like a process server.’
    • ‘Not so a plucky process server, who barged in on the Lord and slapped a statement of claim on him.’
    • ‘In New York, sheriffs are glorified process servers.’
    • ‘He is the Manager of Victorian Detective Services and the Vice President of the Institute of Mercantile Agents, a representative body of private investigators, process servers, and debt collectors.’
    • ‘He successfully dodged Earthlink's process servers for several months until they caught up with him in February 2003.’
    • ‘There aren't too many process servers that are going to be coming into the Jenin refugee camp.’
    • ‘The screening went ahead anyway, with Brownlow joking beforehand that he half expected process servers to swoop in by helicopter with Ride of the Valkyries blaring in the background.’


process server

/prəˈses ˈsərvər/ /prəˈsɛs ˈsərvər/