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  • 1A machine that processes something.

    ‘the processor overexposed the film’
    • ‘For the past few years hospital staff have plagiarised one of the units taking out the film processor.’
    • ‘A young 15 yr old lad came to see me, so I showed him how to put film into the processor.’
    • ‘Another approach is to build a prototype of the machine with relatively few processors.’
    • ‘Sound is converted to signals by the processor and transmitted to the auditory nerves by the electrodes.’
    • ‘The softwood is processed by single grip processors, which also are owned by other contractors.’
    • ‘Sony's digital reality creation processors are the crucial element in producing sharp pictures.’
    • ‘Its 64 way parallel processing will allow you to slot a number of processors in a line.’
    • ‘Again, the future plans are to have devices with cell processors able to communicate with each other.’
    • ‘Again, this is no great surprise since the processor there is fourteen years old.’
    • ‘Many paper processors mix fresh, long fibres with processed paper to make new paper.’
    • ‘And maybe they'll introduce a new word processor.’
    • ‘A digital signal processor in the system defines individual detection zones, which can be programmed by the operator.’
    • ‘The sound and speech processor analyzes the sound and converts it into an electrical signal.’
    • ‘The generator is about the size of a refrigerator and runs on natural gas or propane, with a fuel processor to extract the hydrogen’
    1. 1.1Computing
      another term for central processing unit
      ‘Intel will, on the same date, formally introduce its flip chip 1GHz processors in two flavours.’
      • ‘That's not uncommon with new processors, but the motherboard vendors' solution to the problem is unusual.’
      • ‘Mainboards for AMD processors come in a red box and those for Intel in a blue one.’
      • ‘Socket T moves the pins that connect the processor and motherboard from the former to the latter.’
      • ‘What PC World is actually doing is selling a laptop with a desktop processor in it.’
      • ‘Moving to a 256-bit instruction set means a processor can do twice as much work per MHz.’
      • ‘Neither Compaq nor IBM have any business PCs or laptops based on AMD processors.’
      • ‘As expected, the Mac maker announced today that it will next year start phasing Intel processors into its computer line.’
      • ‘He said that there was little profit to be had, for Intel, outside it's core business of selling computer processors.’
      • ‘The sweet-spot for the new line will be about 200 processors per computer, Conway said.’
      • ‘Intel has already introduced model numbers for its desktop and notebook processors.’
      • ‘Two of the claims, covering network processors and digital video chips, will be investigating in the current hearing.’
      • ‘So over the next few months, Intel will continue to ramp the clockspeed of its processors.’
      • ‘Intel also introduced a pair of new processors for two-way machines.’
      • ‘The machine has 720 processors and is currently ranked as the 16th most powerful computer in the world.’
      • ‘The chip uses a new silicon layering process with multiple processors in the one chip.’
      • ‘As yet the new machines' processors are not known, beyond the generic G4 classification.’
      • ‘We were gently rebuffed - There's got to be an Intel processor inside the machine, see.’
      • ‘If it won't run on serial processors, then where is the parallel machine that it will run on?’
      • ‘The industry is used to doubling the speed of processors and the cost of them every 18 months.’
    2. 1.2
      short for food processor



/ˈpräˌsesər/ /ˈprɑˌsɛsər/