Definition of processual in English:



  • Relating to or involving the study of processes rather than discrete events.

    ‘Thus, the three-factor model, being processual rather than content based, is conceived to be highly integrative with clinical models quite diverse in terms of conceptualization, focus, and intervention.’
    • ‘Rather than create models, the author shows how the concepts of ethnicity varied over time, thus creating a processual framework rather than a static model.’
    • ‘The job of the political ecologist, then, becomes one of placing environmental results in this processual web-in essence, contextualizing environmental events, policies, and decisions in larger contexts.’
    • ‘In order to convey the extraordinary character of rawa and its pronounced processual quality, I divide the event into four more or less distinct phases: precipitation, the active phase, resolution, and aftermath.’
    • ‘This was taken up by archaeologists during the 1960s, but under the glare of the mature processual archaeology of the 1970s and 1980s appeared rather simplistic.’
    • ‘The structural and systems approaches of social software leave little room for processual approaches to community or cultural interaction.’
    • ‘One of the contrasts suggested by Table 13.1 is that, whereas quantitative research tends to bring out a static picture of social life, qualitative research is more processual.’
    • ‘Much of what is represented as ‘new’ is in fact the capture and containment of the processual mode of existence in technology.’
    • ‘However she notes a grass roots feminist theory to provide explanatory insights into the processual dynamics of systemic gender inequalities must use universalist concepts and categories.’
    • ‘The book's underlying premise is that there must be a processual approach to understanding the dynamic nature of the interaction between patron, artist, and art.’
    • ‘Like all complex matters and processual moments in time, concerns and aspirations twelve years on from the Mabo decision vary markedly.’
    • ‘The defining melange of Cuban cuisine demonstrates the nodal and processual nature of ‘authenticity’ generated by trans-temporal and trans-spatial dynamics of cultural and social production.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, such schemas hide the inherent processual nature of identity construction and belie the power of consumption practices to contextualize ethnicity-to presuppose, recreate, or to forge anew.’
    • ‘These differences are actually neither absolute nor irrelevant, but processual: they are as constructed as are the symbolic modes themselves, and they result from ongoing practices that strive to keep them apart.’
    • ‘Some of these inconsistencies disappear when legal and political measures are seen in a processual and historical light, as in the last decades Spain has undergone a major sociopolitical transformation.’
    • ‘Earle places himself within the community of processual archaeologists, those interested in understanding the general features of human behavior and practices as they evolved over time.’
    • ‘In the above papers, there appears to be little treatment of how culture is processual, except to take for granted that ‘modem times’ are different, then fill in some of the superficial blanks.’
    • ‘The case of Toronto reveals the contingent and processual nature of urban development in situations where governance and funding mechanisms are rescaled in the name of efficiency and global competitiveness.’
    • ‘This surely anticipates computer hacking, which is a processual refusal of the serial and passive subjectification that defines us as ‘users’ of computers.’
    • ‘The seminar emphasized that the concepts of time, space, and content supplied frameworks that are fundamental to both the culture-history and processual approaches.’



/prəˈseSH(əw)əl/ /prəˈsɛʃ(əw)əl/