Definition of procreation in English:


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  • The production of offspring; reproduction.

    ‘in general animals copulate purely for the purpose of procreation’
    • ‘human procreation’
    • ‘Emphasis on motherhood and the family served state goals of procreation and stability.’
    • ‘Procreation becomes every woman's destiny and every man's responsibility, regardless of circumstances.’
    • ‘Regarding procreation as a sin, he never married.’
    • ‘These magnificent animals were remarkably efficient at both procreation and survival.’
    • ‘Marriage, however, which provided the normal context for the procreation of children, is more accessible to us.’
    • ‘Anxieties about procreation came to pervade the handbooks and medical literature that dealt with marital sex.’
    • ‘In our culture at this time, procreation is not understood to be an essential part of what it is to be married.’
    • ‘In the west, birth control changed marriage from an institution for procreation to one that celebrated companionship.’
    • ‘Overpopulation has led to harshly enforced limitations on procreation.’
    • ‘Overpopulation demands that no rational government provide economic incentives for further procreation.’



/ˌprōkrēˈāSH(ə)n/ /ˌproʊkriˈeɪʃ(ə)n/