Definition of procuracy in English:


nounplural noun procuracies

  • The position or office of a procurator.

    ‘The procuracy (abolished in 1918 but reinstated in 1922) became highly centralized, with the prosecutor-general appointing and supervising republic and district prosecutors.’
    • ‘Correspondence of approaches to and requirements on the organizational development of structural organs of the military procuracy with the main provisions of building the state.’
    • ‘He can't persuade the procuracy to open or close a case.’
    • ‘The chairmen of military tribunals were made responsible of armies, combined units and garrisons for organizing such work in appropriate units jointly with their commands, political organs and military procuracies.’
    • ‘To develop the structures, upgrade and modify them is one of the most important components of the organizational development of the military procuracy organs.’
    • ‘The ability of the organizational structures of military procuracy to coordinate, in accordance with the law, the combating of crime by the law-enforcement agencies.’
    • ‘In any circumstances, however, the quantity-quality composition of military procuracy organs should guarantee an effective and successful performance of job-related tasks and functions in all types of activities.’



/ˈpräkyərəsē/ /ˈprɑkjərəsi/