Definition of procuratorial in English:




See procurator

‘According to the Chinese Constitution and relevant laws, the people's courts and the people's procuratorates exercise judicial power and procuratorial power independently in accordance with the law.’
  • ‘According to yesterday's Sports Weekly, a popular Chinese-language sports newspaper, the procuratorial authority of Beijing issued an arrest warrant for Gong on Tuesday based on the results of a police investigation.’
  • ‘The major task of a deputy is to use the constitution and all the existing laws to supervise the officials in the court, in the court and in the procuratorial office.’
  • ‘Twenty-four men have been charged by the procuratorial authorities of Handan City in Hebei Province with the crime of abducting babies and selling them, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.’



/ˌpräkyərəˈtôrēəl/ /ˌprɑkjərəˈtɔriəl/