Definition of procuratory in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprɒkjʊrət(ə)ri/


historical Scots Law Law
  • Authorization for one person to act for another; an instrument or clause in an instrument giving such power.

    "letters of procuratory" noun Obsolete = "procuration". "procuratory of resignation" noun now historical and rare a deed authorizing a vassal's representative to return the vassal's fee to his or her superior, to be retained or reallocated.


  • Of, relating to, or originating from a procurator; of or relating to procuration.

    "letter procuratory" noun = "procuration".


Late Middle English. As noun from post-classical Latin procuratorium proxy, use as noun of neuter of classical Latin prōcūrātōrius; as adjective from classical Latin prōcūrātōrius of or concerning an agent or manager, in post-classical Latin also of an attorney, of or relating to an agent or proxy, of maintenance, of or relating to an academic proctor from prōcūrātor + -ius, suffix forming adjectives; compare -ory.