Definition of procuress in English:



  • A female procurer.

    ‘Calisto yearns for Melibea and attains her with the aid of a wily procuress, after which the lovers promptly die.’
    • ‘When 15-year-old Fanny Hill comes to London the first of the procuresses she falls in with is Mrs Brown.’
    • ‘This same motif of the observing procuress appears in one of the prints in the notorious series of pornographic designs by Giulio illustrating various positions of copulation between men and women.’
    • ‘Bringing the subtext of the antique painting and its copies to the fore, the artist has depicted women coming to a priapic fountain to buy winged, straining phalli from an old procuress.’
    • ‘Even Jones admits to the lack of hard evidence that Madame de Pompadour was a procuress, but only in an aside 100 pages after his initial charge.’
    • ‘Vida was a known dabbler in the black arts, but also a procuress for Mr. Prince.’
    • ‘As the discerning stare of the procuress suggests, the eagerness of the suitor is by no means matched by his torpid purchase.’
    • ‘Although her enemies claimed that Pompadour was effectively procuress of the King's pleasures, it seems that the Marquise tolerated, rather than organised, the supply of such women.’
    procurer, procuress



/prəˈkyo͞orəs/ /prəˈkjurəs/ /prōˈkyo͝orəs/ /proʊˈkjʊrəs/