Definition of procyclical in English:



  • Consistent with or tending to magnify the fluctuations in an economic cycle.

    ‘countries that were able to adopt less procyclical macroeconomic policies were less affected by the recent crisis’
    • ‘I would argue that the policies that were most procyclical in recent years were housing finance policies.’
    • ‘They use deceptively intuitive procyclical arguments to line their own pockets.’
    • ‘The wages of job stayers, and even of those who remain in the same job with the same employer, are still mildly procyclical.’
    • ‘It failed to prevent or deal with financial crises in emerging markets because of its aggressively procyclical conditionalities.’
    • ‘The negative relationship in the models they review arises from procyclical movements in real interest rates and in inflation.’



/prōˈsiklək(ə)l/ /proʊˈsɪklək(ə)l/ /prōˈsīklək(ə)l/ /proʊˈsaɪklək(ə)l/