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  • 1An article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.

    ‘food products’
    • ‘marketing products and services’
    • ‘As well as excellence in customer service and innovative marketing, they reward new products and product development.’
    • ‘Despite modest gains in food sales and more significant ones in household products, overall sales were down sharply.’
    • ‘The company immediately closed their premises, stopped production and withdrew all products from sale.’
    • ‘Sales of local products produce local employment and therefore more local expenditure.’
    • ‘We now get almost 20 percent of our revenues from internal sales of products and services to our members.’
    • ‘They are responsible for the very existence of wages in the production of products for sale.’
    • ‘A wool company has embarked upon a development programme which it hopes will boost sales of the product among the younger generation.’
    • ‘A number of new books have begun to question the ethics of marketing beauty products and services to adults too.’
    • ‘When and where to invest for research and development of new products and services becomes the bigger challenge.’
    • ‘Robert Morgan is now vice president of sales, marketing and product development.’
    • ‘But turnover from financial services declined six per cent after sales of investment products disappointed.’
    • ‘Official sources said there has been a rise in the indices of primary articles and manufactured products.’
    • ‘On the revenue side, better and more timely marketing could someday help drive sales of existing products.’
    • ‘The case has again riveted the country's attention on the manufacture and sale of fake products.’
    • ‘Marketing thus increases the sales of the branded product only.’
    • ‘The object of the product sales via the net is aimed at initially helping to break even and somewhere down the track we might even make a profit.’
    • ‘They measure their product sales every single day and they will stop producing it if it isn't selling.’
    • ‘Solid sales across its major product lines pushed HP to a tidy second quarter.’
    • ‘We are also communicating with the Trading Standards Authority regarding the sale of counterfeit products in street markets.’
    • ‘Food labels must be on all processed food products.’
    object, thing, item, unit, artefact, piece of merchandise, commodity, product
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    1. 1.1A substance produced during a natural, chemical, or manufacturing process.
      ‘waste products’
      • ‘It is also used for other natural products, including fruit juices, beer, wine and honey.’
      • ‘In these small air sacs is where oxygen enters the blood and waste products like carbon dioxide leave the blood.’
      • ‘Yeast eat sugar, creating alcohol and carbon dioxide as waste products as they do so.’
      • ‘Spinach, dried beans and dried fruit are all natural products rich in iron.’
      • ‘Recently deposited sediments are unstable mixtures of terrestrial weathering products and organic matter.’
      • ‘The kidneys filter and process the blood and excrete the waste products as urine.’
      • ‘Some natural products have a gentle laxative action.’
      • ‘We know that chemical manufacturing makes many products that benefit our society now.’
      • ‘There are useful chemical products made from tobacco which include those which kill insects and fungi.’
      • ‘It is a product of some chemical manufacturing and of combustion.’
      • ‘He introduced us to a product that recycles waste plastic into fuel that was invented in Japan.’
      • ‘Fifty protesters gathered yesterday morning to voice their anger at the decision to allow Westbury cement works to burn waste products as fuel.’
      • ‘Another area of possible use is in modifying microbes to produce valuable chemical starting materials or products for industry.’
      • ‘Regulation of this network is influenced by cellular products such as cytokines.’
      • ‘Unlike in the earlier experiments, the team recorded gamma rays, a revealing product of fusion reactions.’
      • ‘The company also has a fish shop that sells all its processed products at a wholesale price.’
      • ‘Importing agricultural products has been stressful since 9 / 11, which brought about tougher FDA regulations.’
      • ‘The amplification products were subcloned and sequenced to determine precise exon/intron junctions.’
      • ‘In the camera was a polished pewter plate coated with a petroleum product called bitumen of Judea.’
      • ‘The product of this reaction is drastically lower in energy, and thus, more stable, than the reactant.’
      artefact, commodity, manufactured article, manufactured item, manufactured thing
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    2. 1.2Commercially manufactured articles, especially recordings, viewed collectively.
      ‘too much product of too little quality’
      • ‘They succeeded by manufacturing commercially viable product that people found beneficial to their lives.’
      • ‘Can we expect more focus on British product from the Mountain View firm?’
      • ‘She doesn't realise that our resellers don't stock loads of product.’
      • ‘The folks over at Napster maintain they're actually helping the record companies sell product.’
      • ‘We have quickly learned that we have acquired new power over the recorded music product.’
      • ‘It is not a trade fair, so will not be out there selling product product.’
      • ‘When you sell product, you must provide service after the sale.’
      • ‘The real way they make profit is to move product.’
      • ‘Farmers who have a large number of acres want to buy product at wholesale prices because of the volumes they use.’
  • 2A thing or person that is the result of an action or process.

    ‘his daughter, the product of his first marriage’
    • ‘The end result is the product of numerous ideas and decisions - and a little bit of alchemy!’
    • ‘He has done a good job, that's obvious, but you can only judge the product on the end result and that is still to come.’
    • ‘In the US and Canada, millers fortify grain, which has a knock-on effect on many products in the food chain.’
    • ‘Norton cheats a bit: his final products are actually digital outputs, but quirks of the process remain.’
    • ‘Lycopene from both processed and cooked tomato products is more bioavailable than from fresh tomatoes.’
    • ‘The particular solvent used in the extraction process affects the resulting formulation of the product.’
    • ‘Rather, they are the direct product of the influence of processes unfolding in the leading capitalist countries in the world.’
    • ‘The following subcommittee reports are a product of this consensus process.’
    • ‘Any reaction that takes place will either result in the products becoming less ordered, or heat being given off.’
    • ‘Rather, we are focused almost totally on the end result, the final product.’
    • ‘The result has a direct effect on the finished product, which is read by the public.’
    • ‘Bookstores are bursting with self-help books, most of which are products or byproducts of the psychology industry.’
    • ‘The outgoing interim government was a product of one of those deals.’
    • ‘Hawke is more than pleased with the resulting product.’
    • ‘My culture is entirely a product of the influences of my environment, and the society in which I have grown up, Canada.’
    • ‘There are many factors which influence the product that we call news.’
    • ‘The goal may have been the product of judgment followed by luck.’
    • ‘The ball sailed a mile over and the outrage that followed was the product of Novo's team-mates hollering at him.’
    • ‘This is an inevitable product of the fusion of state and corporate power.’
    • ‘Chris Brand looks at the current fashion in psychology of saying that everything we do is the product of the situations in which we find ourselves.’
    result, consequence, outcome, effect, upshot, fruit, by-product, spin-off, legacy, issue
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    1. 2.1A person whose character and identity have been formed by a particular period or situation.
      ‘an aging academic who is a product of the 1960s’
      • ‘He was not a one-off; he was the product of a situation that could recur.’
      • ‘A practising lawyer is the product of the same period of intensive, difficult study and training as for a surgeon.’
      • ‘Her character was a product of the romantic age, as were his family and friends.’
      • ‘They were the product of periods of endemic warfare.’
      • ‘Besides, her feelings could just be a product of her shattered identity.’
      • ‘The attackers were a product of a sociopolitical situation shaped in a large part by their religion.’
      • ‘We shall see that this is not so; rather, ethnic identity is the product of racialized subjection.’
      • ‘After all, he had proven that gender identity is a product of nurture, not nature.’
      • ‘They were a product of the post-independence period and had close connections with the military.’
      • ‘Clinton is the product of the disastrous influence of psychology in our culture.’
  • 3Mathematics
    A quantity obtained by multiplying quantities together, or from an analogous algebraic operation.

    ‘The total claimed on the work order is 63 hours and the amount charged is simply the product of that number multiplied by the hourly rate.’
    • ‘The product of zero multiplied by a debt or fortune is zero.’
    • ‘The force on an object is the product of its mass multiplied by its acceleration.’
    • ‘Finding the product of multiplicands of any length by small multipliers is accomplished using a set of rules.’
    • ‘This volume is the product of the distance between the cutting planes and the area of the polygonal ring on the base.’
    • ‘Take all the products of these multiplications and add them together.’



/ˈprädək(t)/ /ˈprɑdək(t)/


Late Middle English (as a mathematical term): from Latin productum ‘something produced’, neuter past participle (used as a noun) of producere ‘bring forth’ (see produce).