Definition of production line in English:

production line


  • An arrangement in a factory in which a thing being manufactured is passed through a set linear sequence of mechanical or manual operations.

    ‘we have installed new production lines’
    Compare with assembly line
    ‘the first aircraft will be coming off the production line early next year’
    ‘she works on the production line’
    • ‘Marie had worked on a factory production line before she became unemployed.’
    • ‘Workers are not only encouraged to suggest improvements, they can stop the production line if they are not satisfied with quality.’
    • ‘The production line in his sportswear factory is humming away in the background, churning out the latest in handball kit.’
    • ‘For the past forty-five years he's held down a job assembling TVs and radios on a factory production line.’
    • ‘Scotland On Sunday art critic Iain Gale was less enthused, likening it to a show room for a factory production line.’
    • ‘The first Focus models off the production line will be hatchbacks, which are by far the biggest sellers across Europe.’
    • ‘Toyota makes vehicles with different features, adapting to each one on the production line.’
    • ‘They're inspiring mentors for new staff, and they jump onto the production line at peak times.’
    • ‘How were the meat processors at Premium Standard able to change the game on the production line?’
    • ‘It owned no equipment and leased a single production line at a Moscow food processing plant.’
    • ‘Kathindi stopped to chat to each worker, most of them women, along the production line.’
    • ‘The Leon is the first car to leave the production line since this decision was taken.’
    • ‘The fish is also of a higher value as it is frozen the moment it comes off the production line.’
    • ‘On any one shift 30,000 gas cartridges can be produced, on a production line employing seven people.’
    • ‘As soon as a new model rolls off the production line our mechanics have to know how to maintain it.’
    • ‘This particular advertisement promised a job and handsome wages at a production-line factory in our area.’
    • ‘The new production line will have die casting, machining and assembly operations.’
    • ‘As far as they were concerned, meat was created in a factory and came off a production line in plastic wrappers.’
    • ‘The moment the bottle is formed, it passes over the water pump and joins the production line.’
    • ‘But even as a young production-line worker, Webb showed a knack for getting people to buy into her ideas.’


production line