Definition of productize in English:


(British productise)


[with object]
  • Make or develop (a service, concept, etc.) into a product.

    ‘additional development will be required to productize the technology’
    • ‘Caldera Systems, one of the first companies formed specifically to "productize" Linux, understands the distinction.’
    • ‘Today (to use equally horrible jargon), the Digital Road requires that companies "productize" their services.’
    • ‘By the next morning, I had implemented a prototype and resolved to productize it.’
    • ‘The highlight, however, was a demo of a thing called a Sound Spotlight - an invention that Ideo have been given the task to productize.’
    • ‘Is your system in tight enough shape for you to productize it?’
    • ‘It is a successor to the Early Adopter Wars that Ruth Shalit skewered 4 years ago, an attempt to productize the bellwethers.’
    • ‘Help the Fox government in Mexico productize Pengachu, the $50 Linux box.’
    • ‘Like I was saying, we just need to productize our deliverables so that we can optimize our solution cycles.’
    • ‘Yet another leading OEM has demonstrated significant progress towards productizing direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) systems for average consumers.’
    • ‘Are you trying to productize this?’
    • ‘We are not yet productizing the PGP Global Directory enhancements to the base VKD, but we may do so in the future.’
    • ‘"We had great technology, but we hadn't productised it," he said.’
    • ‘The truth is that it's not easy to productize technology and start a company; if it were, then these organizations would do it themselves.’
    • ‘Cope said he wanted to try to productize what he was doing and in 2002 initially put together a suite of open-source tools that he called "Out-of-the-Box."’
    • ‘Yes, you can productize and brand it, just as Pepsi productizes filtered water and sells it as Aquafina.’
    • ‘"We productize it, indemnify it, integrate it, support it and make it rack-wrapped or plastic-wrapped for you," he is likely to note.’