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  • A professor.

    • ‘you heard what the prof said!’
    • ‘For the pittance they're paid, adjunct profs at our colleges might as well be sweatshop workers.’
    • ‘It wasn't a bad program; with full profs as teachers, I read a lot and learned a lot.’
    • ‘It was only 30 years ago that university profs could refuse to teach women and I'm glad we've all moved on since then.’
    • ‘If I recall correctly, Professor Kennedy was a visiting prof at Stanford Law School some years after I graduated.’
    • ‘She had just decided that she didn't want to drown in academia and become a prof, nor was her second choice of being a short-story author palatable.’
    • ‘The fracas between Harvard's new president and its top Afro-American studies profs highlights black academia's fixation on victimhood and double standards.’
    • ‘I would give an arm to go back and hear some lectures by certain profs.’
    • ‘This prof is the Chair of my Qualifying Exam committee and I was worried about how this would effect my exam.’
    • ‘Two days later, the prof returned the transcribed lecture, with just a brief note appended.’
    • ‘If you look at the list of most-cited law profs, only about 10% of the profs on the list generally would be considered politically right-of-center.’
    • ‘Towards the end of his career, Murrow was told by an eminent professor of English that the prof had identified the secret of Murrow's success.’
    • ‘There was a college prof from Delaware that wrote a gut-splitting funny column on affirmative action.’
    • ‘I didn't sleep much Sunday night, and barely heard a word the prof said in my first class the next day.’
    • ‘Many students and profs would choose smaller classes with fewer students receiving higher education.’
    • ‘During those bright college years I also noticed that profs tended to reward students for going out on a limb.’
    • ‘Also, in many classes, the prof isn't even really teaching anymore.’
    • ‘Priests, nuns, American Life League, students, profs, staff, and good Catholics (including some steel workers) all came to protest and boo.’
    • ‘In Yale's defense, almost all the philosophy profs who taught me were terrific and inspiring; two of them are even still at Yale…’
    • ‘The Intercollegiate Studies Institute publishes a helpful college guide that can direct students away from the PC profs.’
    • ‘Polls show that college students are far to the right of their glassy-eyed profs, and next year large numbers of young adults will vote for our suave President.’
    holder of a chair, chair, head of faculty, head of department



/präf/ /prɑf/


Mid 19th century abbreviation.