Definition of professorial in English:


Pronunciation /präfəˈsôrēəl/ /prɑfəˈsɔriəl/ /prōfəˈsôrēəl/ /proʊfəˈsɔriəl/


  • Relating to or characteristic of a professor.

    ‘a professorial appointment at the University of Sydney’
    ‘a Harvard law graduate with a professorial manner’
    • ‘He took up an academic position at the university, where he attained professorial standing.’
    • ‘A professorial older gentlemen gets out of his car.’
    • ‘I was one of the first two professorial appointments to be made from outside the institution.’
    • ‘His professorial authority is widely respected.’
    • ‘Michael is a professorial fellow in linguistics.’
    • ‘In 1967, he took his first professorial position.’
    • ‘When she puts on her black-rimmed reading glasses to study the handouts, she suddenly looks professorial.’
    • ‘At the age of 55, he briefly returned to professorial life.’
    • ‘He will hold a new endowed professorial chair in cancer and stem cell biology.’
    • ‘There was too much reliance on professorial authority and ideas learnt many years before.’



/präfəˈsôrēəl/ /prɑfəˈsɔriəl/ /prōfəˈsôrēəl/ /proʊfəˈsɔriəl/