Definition of profit margin in English:

profit margin

Pronunciation /ˈpräfət ˌmärjən/ /ˈprɑfət ˌmɑrdʒən/

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  • The amount by which revenue from sales exceeds costs in a business.

    ‘we have a gross profit margin of 80 percent’
    • ‘current levels of interest can erode profit margins’
    • ‘Go to the income statement again to find the gross profit margin, which is revenue less cost of revenue.’
    • ‘That's because falling unit costs increase the profit margin on each good or service sold.’
    • ‘Sales of gifts and entertainment services generally have a higher profit margin than sales of airline tickets.’
    • ‘Its gross profit margin also improved, rising to 52.1 per cent from 50 per cent.’
    • ‘An example of this is where there is a drop in the gross profit margin which could be due to increased competition.’
    • ‘The only way, therefore, a farmer can maintain their profit margin is by cutting costs.’
    • ‘Subtract an acceptable profit margin, and you're left with the target cost of the product.’
    • ‘What's more, you can set your own profit margin on each sale and at the end of the month, they just send you a cheque for the amount you've earned.’
    • ‘Blindly and prematurely renting links does nothing but squeeze the profit margin out of your business.’
    • ‘Managers need current data to be able to see things like the profit margin on sales and how fast items are selling, he says.’
    • ‘In doing so it will wipe out its profit margin on that business.’
    • ‘Film exhibition is a hard business with a nasty profit margin, and the studios hold most of the cards.’
    • ‘The recycling business has a wider profit margin than the leasing side, Lane said.’
    • ‘Add to this a low profit margin and you could easily assume that the manufacturer is selling at a loss just to have the business.’
    • ‘The digit wheel in Gary's mind is spinning, adding more and more zeroes to his mental profit margin.’
    • ‘Instead they hope you will sit passively as they progressively whittle your deposit rate down and their profit margin up.’
    • ‘My banker asked me what my profit margin was and I was embarrassed to tell him that I have no idea.’
    • ‘Dealers make a profit margin of about 10 per cent when organising the finance for a new car.’
    • ‘At this stage, you should primarily concentrate on stock, which offers a high profit margin.’
    • ‘You have to have access to some product that you can sell at a healthy profit margin.’