Definition of profit warning in English:

profit warning

(British profits warning)


  • A statement issued by a company advising the stock market that profits will be lower than expected.

    • ‘Global financial services giant, the US-based American Express issued a profit warning.’
    • ‘Gucci has complained of a post-terrorism slump, ditto Mulberry, which now attributes a recent profits warning to the same cause.’
    • ‘He was fined £15,000 for selling 70,000 shares ahead of a profit warning.’
    • ‘Within two years of coming to market, Allders issued its first profit warning.’
    • ‘Jarvis, the PFI specialist, announced its third profit warning in four months.’
    • ‘Possible expansion was, however, tempered with some bad news with the issuing of a profit warning for Waterford Wedgwood.’
    • ‘Last August, the company issued a profit warning.’
    • ‘Beleaguered telecom equipment group Marconi saw over half its value wiped out yesterday in the aftermath of its profit warning.’
    • ‘AMD has joined the ranks of US tech companies to issue a profit warning.’
    • ‘A lot of the rise in the share price is due to the rebound in its shares following a profit warning last year.’
    • ‘The dire performance from Country Casuals, which has 200 stores across the UK, prompted a profits warning from Austin Reed in July.’
    • ‘However, cost cutting at the no-frills airline has not quite kept pace - hence the unexpected profit warning.’
    • ‘Every share picker endures a stomach-churning profit warning from time to time.’
    • ‘The market response to the profit warning was swift.’
    • ‘The chipmaker sought to distance itself from Intel, which last week issued a profit warning, citing reduced PC demand in Europe.’
    • ‘On March 1 Oracle issued a profit warning - its first in three years.’
    • ‘Expect Apple to issue a profit warning for its current, third fiscal quarter.’
    • ‘The stationer, which issued a profit warning in January, reports interims on Thursday.’
    • ‘The last time IBM issued a profit warning was more than a decade ago in June 1991.’
    • ‘Hewlett-Packard issued a profit warning for its first fiscal quarter today.’