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  • 1The degree to which a business or activity yields profit or financial gain.

    ‘profitability may not improve until well into next year’
    • ‘intense rivalry reduces industry profitability’
    • ‘He's always willing to try something new to expand our business and profitability.’
    • ‘The companies say farmers are happy with the performance and profitability of the crops.’
    • ‘Maximizing profitability is essential in today's market.’
    • ‘We're trying to get farmers to develop a plan to improve profitability.’
    • ‘The ability to borrow greatly enhances the profitability of investments.’
    • ‘Government policy that maximises profitability of businesses needs to be devised.’
    • ‘Higher jet fuel prices are threatening to erode the profitability of these airlines.’
    • ‘Increased customer retention increases profitability.’
    • ‘Only 15 percent of employees felt that the price of gas would affect company profitability.’
    • ‘He agrees that there are many factors that affect the profitability of sheep farming.’
    1. 1.1The state of yielding profit or financial gain.
      ‘growing sales and a return to profitability’
      • ‘Production efficiency is critical due to its effect on profitability.’
      • ‘I concluded that the economy is not designed to sustain the profitability of agriculture.’
      • ‘In order to insure profitability, it is a good idea to determine the profit you need from this enterprise.’
      • ‘In order to provide profitability, we had to cut into rising fixed costs somehow.’
      • ‘We will ensure that farmers have a strong safety net and can achieve profitability in the marketplace.’
      • ‘We have specific policy proposals that would return profitability to the family farm sector of agriculture.’
      • ‘I think we have a shot at achieving profitability during this year.’
      • ‘Only a handful of companies will ever manage to bring their products to the marketplace and achieve profitability.’
      • ‘We expect in 15 to 18 months we can reach profitability.’
      • ‘The business reached profitability ahead of schedule in the second half of 2001.’



/ˌpräfədəˈbilədē/ /ˌprɑfədəˈbɪlədi/