Definition of profitably in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpräfədəblē/ /ˈprɑfədəbli/


  • 1In a way that yields profit or financial gain.

    ‘the company expects to start trading profitably early this year’
    • ‘We certainly didn't know whether they could run the business profitably.’
    • ‘Profitably speaking, these new flavors have done very well for us.’
    • ‘We were operating very profitably.’
    • ‘You've got to be able to profitably provide the product or service at a low price point.’
    • ‘The ability of existing firms to profitably gain and maintain market share indicates a competitive advantage.’
    • ‘He translated his paintings very profitably into bronzes that still fetch enormous prices.’
    • ‘The firm continued to grow profitably and earned a reputation as a leader in its field.’
    • ‘The company provides financing for more of its customers, more profitably, than anyone else in the industry.’
    • ‘Our goal is to grow our business profitably and consistently over the long term.’
    • ‘Gold mining was profitably pursued.’
  • 2In a beneficial or useful manner.

    ‘I was determined to spend my time profitably with the children’
    • ‘Plato's works can be profitably mined for new insights time and time again.’
    • ‘The 100 minutes go by effortlessly, although they aren't spent profitably.’
    • ‘Paul's letters can be profitably analyzed.’
    • ‘This is a long book which is most profitably read and reread in its chapter-sized chunks.’
    • ‘From these two examples, we can profitably explore several different aspects of the construction of identity.’
    • ‘He profitably explored the theme of the churches and war.’
    • ‘The scientists' energies are more profitably spent pursuing their own field of dedication.’
    • ‘In the end, I realised the time could have been more profitably spent.’
    • ‘He might profitably take the view that any publicity is good publicity.’
    • ‘He did not take himself too seriously and that's one trait that others in the cabinet could profitably take on board.’



/ˈpräfədəblē/ /ˈprɑfədəbli/