Definition of progestogen in English:



  • A natural or synthetic steroid hormone, such as progesterone, that maintains pregnancy and prevents further ovulation during pregnancy.

    • ‘Unlike natural progesterone, synthetic progestogens are not metabolized into GABA-ergic neuroactive steroids.’
    • ‘The combined oral contraceptive pill (which combines oestrogen with a progestogen - a synthetic form of progesterone) is effective at reducing bleeding and making bleeding more regular.’
    • ‘It contains a slow-release store of a synthetic progestogen hormone and is repeated every 12 weeks for as long as needed.’
    • ‘Other hormones used include progestogens alone, oral contraceptives, androgen-estrogen, and custom hormonal preparations.’
    • ‘There are so many potential benefits of oestrogens and progestogens after menopause that therapy with these hormones should not be disregarded based on a single study.’


1940s from progestin+ -gen.