Definition of progradation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌprōˌɡrāˈdāSHən/ /ˌprōɡrə-/


See prograde

  • ‘Overall the temporal progradation of nappe emplacement and high-pressure metamorphism towards the south mimics the southward retreat of the Hellenic subduction zone.’
  • ‘Either allocyclic variations in fluvial discharge or the mouthward progradation of the fluvial system may explain the interbedded relationship of this facies with the cross-bedded sandstone.’
  • ‘Autocyclic processes such as tidal-flat progradation or tidal-flat island progradation are also possible mechanisms for the Gibraltar cycles.’
  • ‘Marine deposition was followed by alluvial progradation marking the onset of continental deposition, which dominated the rest of the Triassic in the region.’
  • ‘Their internal structure shows growth by combined vertical aggradation and progradation away from the symmetry plane.’



/ˌprōˌɡrāˈdāSHən/ /ˌprōɡrə-/