Definition of programmatically in English:



See programmatic

  • ‘New technological arts were first cultivated programmatically in the Christian monasteries, which were the seats of learning and which were instrumental in the foundation of our current educational system.’
  • ‘The newspapers and TV channels claim to render reality visible, but in fact, they diffuse a version of reality in which some events and trends are projected, while others are programmatically edited away.’
  • ‘At his best, Burke writes in a muscular prose that captures, vividly if programmatically, the ebb and flow of battle, the sheer luck of survival, and the complicated politics of the era.’
  • ‘Unless the labor movement figures out how to broaden its appeal, both programmatically and structurally, we will never reach the organizing goals we have set for ourselves.’
  • ‘I'm not a hot shot programmer by any means, but I've done quite a bit of playing around with getting data in and out of databases programmatically.’