Definition of programming in English:


Pronunciation /ˈprōˌɡramiNG/ /ˈproʊˌɡræmɪŋ/

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  • 1The process or activity of writing computer programs.

    as modifier ‘programming languages’
    • ‘The precision necessary when writing programming languages is palpable not only for the author of technology but also for the user of technology.’
    • ‘Her unassuming husband, Ben, just wanted another computer programming gig in Silicon Valley's depressed job market.’
    • ‘When I first became a part of the computer programming industry some 25 years ago, a lot of the code was pretty buggy.’
    • ‘In an ironic counterpart to the trend of offshoring programmer jobs to India, the business of writing about programming is also on the move.’
    • ‘However, a virus-writing course shouldn't be dumbed down with only milk-liver assignments like the programming of new computer viruses.’
    • ‘Some knowledge of assembly language programming is important if you are planning on writing your own low-level graphics routines.’
    • ‘Some have no experience with Web HTML language or programming, while others are conversant.’
    • ‘Eventually, we have to create the real software design, and it will be in some programming language.’
    • ‘Anyone with a small amount of experience with computer programming will be creating single player dungeon crawls in a matter of minutes.’
    • ‘A flaw in computer programming is been blamed for the release date errors.’
    • ‘In programming, this translates to the choice of programming language.’
    • ‘In the bazaar model, anyone with Internet access and programming skills can be engaged in the process.’
    • ‘Policies can be defined in a standard logical programming language and deployed to ensure that only optimal routes are selected for calls.’
    • ‘It does some auto-formatting, and ‘understands’ various programming languages.’
    • ‘These formalisms define different families of model-based programming languages.’
    • ‘Detailed discussion of these looping constructs can be found in any programming textbook or introductory computer science course, so I will not be going through them in any detail.’
    • ‘It would give more time for students with limited experience with computer science and programming to adapt and assimilate the knowledge.’
    • ‘I isolated four or five boxes of computer programming and software engineering books, sighed, and consigned them to the heap to go off for recycling.’
    • ‘There is some excellent general programming and software design stuff in here.’
    • ‘The programming software can be run within DOS or Windows.’
  • 2The action or process of scheduling something, especially radio or television programs.

    • ‘the programming of shows’
    1. 2.1Radio or television programs that are scheduled or broadcast.
      ‘the station is to expand its late-night programming’
      • ‘Unlike commercial television, which broadcasts free programming, satellite television is not without cost.’
      • ‘For example, regulators have historically placed considerable restrictions on simulcasting - broadcasting programming over more than one station at the same time.’
      • ‘It also will help enhance public awareness of NASA by developing documentaries and educational programming for television broadcast.’
      • ‘What are the implications for cable with its digital capacity and its responsibilities in carrying broadcast programming?’
      • ‘The $25 million slice out of the fund could potentially result in 550 fewer hours of new Canadian programming that broadcasters can draw from.’
      • ‘Perhaps some actual variety in broadcast programming would draw older listeners back, or at least have them visit once in a while.’
      • ‘Instead of breaking into regular programming, the major broadcasters will cover the day in their regular newscasts.’
      • ‘These organizations help teachers and parents work together to demand improvement in television programming and marketing of toys of violence to our youngest viewers.’
      • ‘In the coming year the Governors will consider the BBC's coverage of European constitutional affairs and religious programming and publish the findings.’
      • ‘The BBC's main television channels BBC ONE and BBC TWO will also work closer to avoid schedule clashes with similar programming on at the same time.’
      • ‘Music replaced normal programming on government-run radio and television stations.’
      • ‘Forrester's survey respondents report watching only 8 percent of commercials in recorded programming.’
      • ‘In her new role, Sue will take on additional responsibility for all of the BBC's political programming.’
      • ‘Avoid violent programming and using the television as an electronic baby-sitter.’
      • ‘I really do think that the least our government can do for us is to have good cultural programming on local radio and television, and not political blabbing.’
      • ‘By youth radio I mean programming created by young people that is often about social change and bringing a real youth voice to the forefront of political discussion.’
      • ‘From January to March, the health authority recorded 103 hours of programming on 206 radio frequencies nationwide.’
      • ‘The majority of cable's new fall and winter programming hasn't been scheduled.’
      • ‘The proposed programme schedule also includes arts, farming and religious programming.’
      • ‘They created programming that reasonably educated people could talk reasonably about.’