Definition of prohibitively in English:


Pronunciation /prəˈhibədivlē/ /prəˈhɪbədɪvli/ /prōˈhibədivlē/ /proʊˈhɪbədɪvli/


  • 1In a way that forbids or prevents something.

    ‘she mouthed "no" and waved her hands prohibitively’
    • ‘I waved my hand prohibitively at the door.’
    • ‘She took an interest in Trixy, to be sure, - "because of her story," she had said prohibitively, as if to insure herself against any further extension of her sympathies.’
    • ‘In a computer-based classroom, student text itself can become the medium of instruction in a way prohibitively difficult otherwise.’
    • ‘The only other reason given was that precedent or standard practice made it in some way prohibitively wrong that such information should be divulged.’
    • ‘There was also a lounge, although with the door prohibitively shut we didn't venture there.’
    1. 1.1Used to emphasize a cost that is so high as to prevent something being done or bought.
      ‘most of the products are priced prohibitively’
      as submodifier ‘these batteries are prohibitively expensive’
      • ‘The cost of a separate mailing is prohibitively expensive.’
      • ‘The cost of dental treatment for those without a medical card is prohibitively high.’
      • ‘As trade increased and became prohibitively complicated, the government initiated steps to aid the farmer in exporting excess produce.’
      • ‘The vehicles are still prohibitively expensive.’
      • ‘Teachers were leaving the area in droves because of its prohibitively high housing costs.’
      • ‘Electricity costs are prohibitively expensive as well.’
      • ‘The equipment costs, once prohibitively high, are now competitive.’
      • ‘Hotels are generally prohibitively priced.’
      • ‘There is no need for a prohibitively large capital outlay.’
      • ‘The most popular product range in the city is priced prohibitively.’



/prəˈhibədivlē/ /prəˈhɪbədɪvli/ /prōˈhibədivlē/ /proʊˈhɪbədɪvli/