Definition of proinsulin in English:


Pronunciation /prōˈinsələn/ /proʊˈɪnsələn/


  • A substance produced by the pancreas which is converted to insulin.

    • ‘Following cleavage of the 24 amino acid signal peptide the protein folds into proinsulin.’
    • ‘Unlike the single chain precursor of insulin, proinsulin, this new construct retains up to 40 per cent of insulin activity.’
    • ‘The processing of proinsulin to insulin within the secretory granules of the Golgi complex is dependent on critical levels of pH as well as ATP.’
    • ‘Insulin-like growth factor 1 is a peptide structurally related to proinsulin and has a primary role in promoting skeletal muscle differentiation and growth.’
    • ‘Insulin is synthesized as a precursor, preproinsulin, and after removal of the signal peptide, proinsulin folds to form the correct tertiary structure.’



/prōˈinsələn/ /proʊˈɪnsələn/