Definition of promenade deck in English:

promenade deck

Pronunciation /ˈˌpräməˈˌnād/ /ˈˌprɑməˈˌneɪd/ /ˈˌpräməˈˌnäd dek/ /ˈˌprɑməˈˌnɑd dɛk/

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  • An upper deck on a passenger ship for the use of passengers who wish to enjoy the open air.

    ‘This was one of the two sites aboard the ship with a promenade deck of its own.’
    • ‘Below, the huge promenade deck ended and the now-familiar stairway curved down onto the foredeck.’
    • ‘All passengers proceed immediately to the promenade deck where you will be issued life-preservers.’
    • ‘Luke walked out of the room and onto my promenade deck.’
    • ‘Outside, back on the main promenade deck, on the port side of the Lucy, we saw two sets of skylights on the deck near the aft of the ship.’
    • ‘Well, I was sent to find what was keeping Miss Phillips from the promenade deck.’
    • ‘Dev gazed around the crowded promenade deck, seeing faces of friends and colleagues she'd known for years, people who'd served under her since she'd first been commissioned as captain.’
    • ‘Some of these are really extraordinary, including a dining-room stained-glass window, the promenade deck and even a first-class cabin with a cabinet and water-glass intact.’
    • ‘The disco proves so popular on some cruises that it is often still open as the first of the early-risers get ready for their three-laps-to-the-mile stroll around the promenade deck.’
    • ‘Cal watched as Rose came into the promenade deck, obviously not quite awake yet.’
    • ‘Onboard facilities include a coffee bar, café, bar, children's playroom and promenade deck.’
    • ‘He took a long drag off of his cigarette and glanced up toward the first class promenade deck.’