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promissory note

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  • A signed document containing a written promise to pay a stated sum to a specified person or the bearer at a specified date or on demand.

    ‘A modern version of the promissory notes is the sterling commercial paper or certificate of deposit.’
    • ‘The days when cash, a cheque or a promissory note were the only methods of payment have passed.’
    • ‘So against my counsel, Sid signed a promissory note for the $50,000 and opened up a second store in a new city.’
    • ‘The way to make sure your father gets paid is to get your brother to sign a promissory note agreeing to repay all the amounts he charged.’
    • ‘The plaintiff advanced money and was issued a promissory note signed by the accountant and an associate.’
    • ‘If he decides to start making payments, you should write up a simple promissory note.’
    • ‘The putative members of the class understood that the copies made of the new cheques and the new promissory notes would be referred to in the event that any outside party reviewed the documentation for any reason.’
    • ‘In the finance office, the main coffer lock was detonated, damaging all papers, including vouchers, promissory notes, cash and cheque box.’
    • ‘The provisions related to loans in the plan document, loan policy and promissory notes should be coordinated.’
    • ‘As for governments, when you print promissory notes that are not tied to anything tangible, the urge to print more notes is overwhelming.’
    • ‘There was no evidence of any intention on Stephen's part to make a gift to Kimberley, particularly since he insisted she sign a promissory note in relation to $60,000 of the money.’
    • ‘I want to ask that individual to sign a promissory note to pay us back.’
    • ‘He prepared a promissory note to be signed by Mrs Young.’
    • ‘If the builder got ahead of his cash allotments, he might resort to swapping labor, accepting promissory notes, or bartering favors to keep his crew working.’
    • ‘Enterprises simply do not receive enough cash to pay their tax obligations because they themselves get paid in-kind or with promissory notes.’
    • ‘However, when you take a loan, the loan amount will be treated as an asset in the plan, as it will be replaced by your promissory note.’
    • ‘In exchange, the ESOP gave a promissory note, payable with interest annually over nine years.’
    • ‘Approximately 85 percent of the money has been invested in time deposits, promissory notes, and bonds, while the remaining 15 percent has been directed to higher risk investments such as shares, Warsan said.’
    • ‘According to the bank's balance sheet, these promissory notes had disappeared by Feb. 1, Vedomosti said.’
    • ‘He said that intervention would include measures to raise the interest rates of central bank SBI promissory notes.’


promissory note

/ˈprämisərē ˌnōt/ /ˈprɑmɪsəri ˌnoʊt/