Definition of promulgator in English:


Pronunciation /ˈpräməlˌɡādər/ /ˈprɑməlˌɡeɪdər/


See promulgate

  • ‘Whether or not you believe that public institutions should withdraw facilities from organisations, merely because they are promulgators of racism, the following three points are clear.’
  • ‘What is this ‘rote defense of liberalism’ and who are its promulgators?’
  • ‘Far from being a destroyer of the written word, the Internet, with Google as a leading vehicle, will prove to be its great support and egalitarian promulgator.’
  • ‘These consequences have yet to be understood by most physicians, not to mention the public, the media or arguably even the promulgators of this impending disaster.’
  • ‘The promulgators of the 1834 New Poor Law opposed such proposals because they still relied on the state providing men with work or support for children.’



/ˈpräməlˌɡādər/ /ˈprɑməlˌɡeɪdər/