Definition of pronouncedly in English:


Pronunciation /-ˈnounsədlē/ /-ˈnounstlē/


See pronounced

  • ‘Having said that, unless you are happy spending a day being bounced up and down in a pronouncedly uncomfortable ‘hard seat’, booking sleeper tickets in advance for about 100 yuan is a good idea.’
  • ‘You know what I mean - visibly dirty, pronouncedly smelly, and exhibiting abnormal behavior (usually attributed to drug use).’
  • ‘My sleeping disorders get pronouncedly worse.’
  • ‘Oh, the entire building, usually something entirely fixed and solid, seems to be swaying quite pronouncedly from side to side.’
  • ‘It's dramatically fragile, more pronouncedly rhythmic and spends its energy for the first four minutes in forward motion until exhaustion dissipates its momentum.’



/-ˈnounsədlē/ /-ˈnounstlē/