Definition of proof text in English:

proof text


  • A passage of the Bible to which appeal is made in support of an argument or position in theology.

    • ‘It is only up for debate for those more satisfied with appealing to proof-texts, without taking time to consider the literary, historical, and socio-cultural contexts of the passages in question.’
    • ‘It is said to divide Christians, and bore them with catechisms and proof-texts.’
    • ‘I started exploring and found a complete, line-by-line refutation to all the proof-texts that Christians use to proselytize.’
    • ‘These boundaries are maintained through the use of proof-texts, dress and behavioral patterns that set fundamentalists apart.’
    • ‘His approach to theology is to announce your conclusions beforehand, blithely line up the proof-texts and knock down opposing views.’
    • ‘His rhetoric does at times reflect the influence of its proof-texts.’
    • ‘It's not about those 3 specific verses used as proof-texts - they are a part of the whole pattern.’


proof text

/ˈpruːf ˌtɛkst/