Definition of prop wash in English:

prop wash


  • A current of water or air created by the action of a propeller or rotor.

    ‘It dawns on us that the entire herd of thirty or so animals are leap-frogging through the pack ice and moving toward the stern of our ship, seemingly interested in the pool of open water that our prop wash has created.’
    • ‘Grudgingly, our airspeed started to increase enough for us to maintain lift, and we found ourselves speeding down the river, having literally whipped water with our prop wash at our worst moment.’
    • ‘Sometimes, if he inadvertently walked through a prop wash, that cow pie of hair would begin rising off the top of his head, like a charmed snake, before yanking itself back into place with a discernible whomp.’
    • ‘I recall seeing the aircraft shudder, then pull wing tip streamers as his prop wash shook the tree tops.’
    • ‘As she increases her speed to 29 knots, the prop wash piles up astern into an arcing jet stream then fans out into a broad trailing wake.’


prop wash

/präp wôSH/ /prɑp wɔʃ/ /wäSH/ /wɑʃ/