Definition of prophethood in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌho͝od/


See prophet

‘The first 13 years of the prophethood of Muhammad were at his hometown of Makkah, where he and his fellow Muslims were severely persecuted by the pagans of Makkah.’
  • ‘After all, if he believed in Mohammed's claim to prophethood, he would accept the validity of the Quran and hence the whole contents of the Quran, and by accepting all that, he would by definition be a Muslim.’
  • ‘For example, an angel should descend with the Prophet and proclaim his prophethood all over the land or at least some trailer of punishment be shown to them at his initiation - the punishment which they were being warned with by him.’
  • ‘They contain a good deal of material of a rhetorical, formulaic, or supernatural character designed to bolster the Chosen One's claims to prophethood in the face of sceptical or prejudiced critics.’
  • ‘But all this was in the earlier period of his prophethood.’