Definition of Propliopithecus in English:


Pronunciation /prəʊˌplʌɪəʊˈpɪθɪkəs/ /ˌprəʊpliəˈpɪθɪkəs/


  • An extinct ape-like primate of the genus Propliopithecus, known from early Oligocene fossil remains found in the Fayum Depression of Egypt, and dated to about 35 million years ago.

    Formerly thought to be a primitive ape, Propliopithecus is now regarded as an early catarrhine from before the differentiation of apes and Old World monkeys.


Early 20th century; earliest use found in American Naturalist. From scientific Latin Propliopithecus, genus name from pro- + Pliopithecus.