Definition of proportional representation in English:

proportional representation

Pronunciation /prəˈpɔrʃənl/

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(also PR)
  • An electoral system in which parties gain seats in proportion to the number of votes cast for them.

    ‘The only solution that will solve all the list problems is to switch to the single transferable vote system of proportional representation.’
    • ‘Unionists clarified the electoral system by abolishing proportional representation in 1929.’
    • ‘Such a slate is required under the country's electoral system of proportional representation.’
    • ‘I've long been a supporter of electoral reform and proportional representation but this election is testing my commitment to such a policy.’
    • ‘The Electoral Reform Society said there was a strong case for proportional representation via the Single Transferable Vote.’
    • ‘Under such proportional representation systems it is unusual for one party to gain an overall majority.’
    • ‘Regional councilors are elected by proportional representation of the political parties.’
    • ‘Under the system of proportional representation some women were included on electoral lists, but not at or near the top.’
    • ‘We also ask why it is necessary to enhance the maintenance of political party proportional representation in Parliament.’
    • ‘Tom, I'd be interested to know whether you think a system of proportional representation would encourage more people to vote?’
    • ‘It guaranteed the right to vote for proportional representation.’
    • ‘The only real way of addressing this democratic deficit is to change the voting system and introduce proportional representation.’
    • ‘He became leader of the party in 1983 and envisaged a multi-party system with proportional representation.’
    • ‘Dozens of parties are vying for seats to be awarded under a system of proportional representation.’
    • ‘Seats in the assembly will be allocated by proportional representation using a list system.’
    • ‘The system of proportional representation used meant candidates were elected from a ranked list depending how many votes their party got.’
    • ‘These range from instituting a single transferable ballot to proportional representation.’
    • ‘He's an advocate of a mixed political system that combines our present system with some proportional representation.’
    • ‘His confusion may result from the common misconception that proportional representation is a voting system.’
    • ‘The majority of speakers advocated adopting a system of proportional representation in British Columbia.’