Definition of propose marriage in English:

propose marriage


  • Make an offer of marriage to someone.

    • ‘But it finally jumps the rails altogether when the preening rock star reacts not by getting a restraining order - but by proposing marriage.’
    • ‘Whether it would be logical or suicidal, serious or fleeting, you might think of upping the ante and immediately proposing marriage.’
    • ‘I never understood why women put up with men who put them on the spot by proposing marriage in front of large audiences.’
    • ‘But when he, at last, proposes marriage she breaks off the affair with a letter of explanation that pulls it together.’
    • ‘In an earlier and simpler age, she'd only be dancing until a steel magnate happened to catch her show and then inevitably and immediately proposed marriage.’
    • ‘She's basically proposing marriage and you don't even know her.’
    • ‘Oh, jeez, I don't know, the fact you're proposing marriage to someone you haven't even known for a day?’
    • ‘It's a date, Emily, I'm not proposing marriage.’
    • ‘Forget the traditional methods for proposing marriage - the bended knee, the skywriting, the Jumbotron query at the local ballpark.’
    • ‘What, I'm supposed to break out the bubbly when the woman I'm in the midst of proposing marriage to tells me she needs time to figure out if she's in love with my brother or me?’