Definition of proposer in English:



See propose

‘the proposer has ten minutes to speak in favour of his Bill’
  • ‘Indeed some of the proposers of these changes don't seem to have a grasp of the implications.’
  • ‘Had proposers of boundary schemes been given such latitude, proposals would have been far different and, with such scope for variation, all our communities could have been accommodated without division.’
  • ‘The proposers say it is odd that there is no disqualification of those who might have lengthy criminal records but severe restrictions on those who have played the game and might have a positive contribution to make.’
  • ‘The proposers have obviously given much thought to the developments along the line of the canal but have they considered the most important question - that of the supply of water for the project?’
  • ‘I wonder if the minor clerical errors would be pointed out to the proposers if the hierarchy favoured the motion themselves?’