Definition of propositional attitude in English:

propositional attitude


  • The relation that a person has with a proposition, such as having an opinion concerning it or responding emotionally to it.

    • ‘I arrive at the conclusion that it is a symptom of a more general phenomenon whereby contextual parameters can be relativized to bearers of propositional attitudes.’
    • ‘He has objected that the view of emotions as propositional attitudes has the effect of excluding animals and infants lacking language.’
    • ‘And, indeed, any general argument for narrow content will presumably apply to sensory representation as well as to propositional attitudes.’
    • ‘A computer might have propositional attitudes if it has the right causal connections to the world - but those are not ones mediated by a man sitting in the head of the robot.’
    • ‘We often attribute beliefs, desires, and other propositional attitudes to groups like corporations.’