Definition of propositional calculus in English:

propositional calculus


mass noun
  • The branch of symbolic logic that deals with propositions and the relations between them, without examination of their content.

    • ‘There are numerous small errors (such as confusing the propositional calculus with the predicate calculus on page 168), which will mystify a nonexpert reader.’
    • ‘He worked on mathematical logic, wrote essays on the principle of non-contradiction and the excluded middle around 1910, developed a three value propositional calculus and worked on many valued logics.’
    • ‘Over finite domains of discourse the predicate calculus boils down to the classical propositional calculus, which is indeed a cut and dried affair, alternatives being surveyable.’
    • ‘We now turn to his Ph.D. thesis, in which he proved the completeness and consistency of the propositional calculus described in the Principia Mathematica by introducing the truth table method.’
    • ‘The letters and truth-functors are the elements of a language which, together with certain rules of inference taken as primitive or axiomatic, constitute what is called the propositional calculus.’