Definition of propounder in English:



See propound

‘The propounders of this theory, many of them youngish politicians, probably didn't intend it to apply to politics but, with oldies increasingly significant as a proportion of eligible voters, it may come to do so.’
  • ‘The propounders of reformist theory have a solid argument.’
  • ‘In that case the propounder of the Will made by a wealthy 74 year old man was a person who was alleged to have killed the deceased unlawfully.’
  • ‘When catcher Moe Berg offered to explain baseball to Albert Einstein in exchange for tutoring in mathematics, the propounder of the theory of relativity responded.’
  • ‘In the original version of the paradox, the propounder of the paradox grants us - if only for the sake of argument - that the runner can complete any single subtask in the infinite series of subtasks confronting him.’