Definition of proprietary name in English:

proprietary name


  • A name of a product or service registered by its owner as a trademark and not usable by others without permission.

    ‘I'm not advising anybody to break the law, or to violate trademarks or service marks or proprietary names or anything like that.’
    • ‘Those drugs have been and are sold in many countries under proprietary names which are registered as trade marks.’
    • ‘Trying to attach a proprietary name to a non-proprietary product is always fun.’
    • ‘Although an agrochemical may be present in formulations bearing different proprietary names, it usually has a single common name that is recommended by standards organizations.’
    • ‘I understand there may be some idealogical reason for not using the proprietary name, but it is often the name most commonly used when discussing the medication.’
    • ‘It is a proprietary name for a type of ‘self-weathering’ steel popular with some contemporary sculptors.’
    • ‘Though it has a proprietary name, this top wine from Castellare is made in the Chianti region primarily from Sangiovese grapes.’
    • ‘Since a wine can't be called a varietal after the amount of grapes in a wine fall beneath a certain percentage, a winery can make up its own proprietary name.’
    • ‘Successive governments have promoted the prescribing of drugs by generic rather than by proprietary name as a means of maintaining clinical quality while containing costs.’
    logo, emblem, sign, stamp, symbol, device, badge, crest, insignia, seal, coat of arms, shield, motif, hallmark, mark, figure, monogram, logotype, colophon


proprietary name

/p(r)əˈprīəˌterē nām/ /p(r)əˈpraɪəˌtɛri neɪm/