Definition of proration in English:


Pronunciation /prōˈrāSHən/


mainly North American

See prorate

‘The excessive prorations ensure the Redskins will be capped out in three to four years - and the process will be accelerated if any of their new players' contracts are terminated early because of injury or erosion of skill.’
  • ‘He signed for what looked like a $10 million bonus, and in theory a gentleman who just cashed a huge check cannot be cut for years because proration of the bonus would crash-land onto the salary cap.’
  • ‘Later, the judge ruled that, constitutionally, the cutbacks could not come via proration.’
  • ‘It went into future years, deferred through the proration of signing bonuses.’
  • ‘It is not in dispute that any allocation or proration will be by reference to time on risk as compared to the time over which the injuries have been suffered.’