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‘‘I'm pleased with the shut-outs, but at the end of the day, it's more pleasing to win,’ he states prosaically.’
  • ‘Damage control, contextualization, historical positioning: This is myth-making - or branding, as we so prosaically call it these days - at its finest.’
  • ‘The problem, as we have noted many times, is that these metaphors, which concern that which cannot in any other way be told, are misread prosaically as referring to tangible facts and historical occurrences.’
  • ‘Skulls, skeletons, mummies - what are more prosaically called human remains - play a significant part in our cultural life, appearing everywhere from Hamlet to heavy metal albums.’
  • ‘The distinctive flat-bottomed boats once used to transport the wine are still moored in the river, though today, more prosaically, the wine is brought down by road in stainless - steel tankers.’



/prəˈzāək(ə)lē/ /prəˈzeɪək(ə)li/