Definition of prosauropod in English:



  • An elongated partly bipedal herbivorous dinosaur of the late Triassic and early Jurassic periods, related to the ancestors of sauropods.

    Infraorder Prosauropoda, suborder Sauropodomorpha, order Saurischia

    ‘Thus endothermy is very unlikely to have evolved in lineages in which the most recent species are predominantly large, such as prosauropods, sauropods, stegosaurs, nodosaurs, ankylosaurs, and ceratopsids.’
    • ‘However, they conclude that this is incorrect and that the prosauropods and sauropods diverged early from a common ancestor.’
    • ‘The closest relatives of the sauropods, a group of primitive dinosaurs known as prosauropods, extends back to the Late Triassic (about 220 million years ago) implying that the sauropods may also have had a history extending back as far.’
    • ‘Quite possibly, this simple anatomical change was ultimately responsible for the worldwide relative decline of the sauropods and the extinction of the prosauropods by the Late Jurassic.’
    • ‘Early relatives of the sauropods, the Late Triassic plateosaurs or prosauropods, may have occasionally stood on their hind legs.’



/prōˈsôrəˌpäd/ /proʊˈsɔrəˌpɑd/


1950s from pro-‘before in time’ + sauropod.