Definition of prosecutorial in English:



  • Relating to the institution and conducting of legal proceedings against someone in respect of a criminal charge.

    ‘the prosecutorial powers of this office are used carefully and with great consideration’
    • ‘charges of prosecutorial misconduct’
    • ‘He is free to exercise federal prosecutorial discretion.’
    • ‘Prosecutorial discretion is an essential feature of our criminal justice system.’
    • ‘Faced with accusations of gross prosecutorial misconduct by defense attorneys, he was forced to remove himself from the case.’
    • ‘She called it "a reprehensible case of prosecutorial misconduct."’
    • ‘They are pushing for a draft amendment to the code of criminal procedure that would curtail prosecutorial powers.’
    • ‘The two senators were angered by what they saw as prosecutorial abuse and harsh sentences given to those former agents.’
    • ‘The investigative and prosecutorial resources of the police can be utilised.’
    • ‘The principles are designed to ensure that accused persons induced to plead guilty pursuant to an agreement with prosecutorial authorities are accorded procedural fairness.’
    • ‘Abuses of prosecutorial authority have continued unabated.’
    • ‘Legislative reforms could ensure meaningful checks against excessive prosecutorial zeal in their use of the grand jury.’
    • ‘To date, the Administration has given scant public indication of its prosecutorial strategy.’
    • ‘She thinks that doping investigations are unfairly prosecutorial, and that the punishments are less about the athletes and more about politics.’



/ˌpräsəkyəˈtôrēəl/ /ˌprɑsəkjəˈtɔriəl/