Definition of prosthetic group in English:

prosthetic group


  • A nonprotein group forming part of or combined with a protein.

    ‘Serum albumin is a highly soluble multidomain protein, without prosthetic groups or bulky appending carbohydrates, that is very stable and available at high purity and low cost.’
    • ‘We believe that the Q-splitting, when carefully identified, represents an informative spectral parameter that can be used to understand how the biochemical activity of a prosthetic group is regulated in proteins.’
    • ‘Proteins have high affinities for their substrates or co-factors or prosthetic groups or receptors or antibodies raised against them.’
    • ‘Each subunit contains a heme prosthetic group located in a crevice near the exterior of the protein that is responsible for the functional ligand binding of the protein.’
    • ‘Many prosthetic groups and coenzymes are water-soluble derivatives of vitamins.’


prosthetic group

/präsˈTHedik ɡro͞op/ /prɑsˈθɛdɪk ɡrup/